Early learning programs

As educators, our aim is to provide your child with an encouraging environment that will help them develop.

Our program is influenced by, and based on, the Early Years Learning Framework. We aspire for children to experience the world around them while in a comfortable space. We also hope to instil good habits that will encourage future growth.

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Early Years Learning Framework

At Mount Hutton Child Care Centre, we incorporate the Being, Belonging and Becoming principles of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).


The EYLF is an early childhood curriculum that aims to guide the development of young children from birth to 5 years, and through their transition to school. The framework draws on evidence that early childhood is a vital period in the learning and development of children.


With an emphasis on play-based learning, we encourage children to learn and make sense of their world by actively engaging with people and objects. Our centre is constantly improving to meet the needs of children, families and educators.


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At Mount Hutton Child Care Centre, we have a qualified cook onsite to prepare nutritious meals for your child.


We supply morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch for all students. By providing your child with healthy meals, we hope to create and encourage good eating habits that will benefit them well into the future.


Our meals are made with fresh local ingredients and are designed with the ideal amount of protein, carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables and dairy in mind.


If your child has specific dietary requirements please let us know upon enrolment.