Quality child care education in Lake Macquarie

Mount Hutton Child Care Centre has 3 comfortable rooms to provide a safe and happy environment for your child to learn in.

Children are placed based on their age, allowing them to develop and make new friends in a similar environment to school.

We believe it is important to have strong communication within the centre for families and the community. This encourages parents and children to feel welcome, safe and secure, with a sense of belonging within the centre.

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Caterpillar Room

6 weeks to 2 years

Capacity—10 children

Caterpillar Room - Child Care in Mount Hutton, NSW

In the Caterpillar room, we encourage children to be thinkers and explorers by allowing them to develop new skills through play.

We have 3 qualified educators in the room to support your child in all activities. Our aim is to promote trust, respect, empathy and choice through positive learning experiences.

As educators, we understand that every child is an individual. With this in mind, we nurture them to learn and develop at their own pace. We help children feel confident and involved in the classroom through activities such as art, games, songs and reading.

Our activities are thoughtfully balanced with outdoor play. We develop these activities based on each child’s interests, combined with parent input. We also give children the opportunity to challenge their interest through supported play.

Every child’s journey is documented in a ‘learning story’ that profiles their interests, learning and ongoing development. We present this story to parents at the end of the school year.

Butterfly Room

2 to 3½ years

Capacity—15 children

Butterfly Room - Child Care in Mount Hutton, NSW

In the Butterfly room, we have 3 creative educators to accommodate your child’s needs. 


We aim to provide a happy, relaxed and safe environment that facilitates growth. This room also has an emphasis on wellbeing, with a specific focus on each child’s ability to play and learn at their own pace.


Children are inherently curious, which is why we give them the opportunity to be spontaneous and to engage in individualised group activities and experiences. We develop the Butterfly room’s program in response to the children’s interests, to create an enjoyable, fun and stimulating experience for them.


We encourage independence and initiative skills to help increase your child’s self-awareness. We believe that combining self-awareness and problem-solving builds self-esteem and resilience later in life.


The development of positive social skills and interactions are central to our program. We also incorporate literacy and numeracy throughout the day while balancing health and physical skills.


The Butterfly room is a learning space that nurtures your child’s natural curiosity and prepares them for their eventual transition to the Preschool room.

Preschool Room

3 to 6 years

Capacity—20 children

Preschool Room - Child Care in Mount Hutton, NSW

The program in the Preschool room is designed to support children in their development of motor, cognitive and emotional skills.


We present children with opportunities to participate, experiment, explore, challenge and build upon their knowledge. We also encourage them to share their experiences and knowledge with one another.


Our preschool program has been created to incorporate play and structured activities. We let children experiment with craft, music, language, and formal school preparation exercises. These allow for exposure to sequencing, seriation, addition, order and language development.


As teachers, we understand the importance of literacy and numeracy in the early childhood development stage. With this in mind, we explore the concepts of maths and numeracy with your pre-schoolers. We also utilise reading and storytelling to promote learning literacy throughout the day.


Children in the Preschool room are supported to achieve success at their own rate. Each child has their own goals set out for them by our teachers and their day set out in a daily journal. We also keep all development observations on file, which we can access and discuss with you at any time.


Our educators also assist with the transition from child care to school. We can contact schools to share information about your child’s experiences and education level. Additional meetings can also be arranged between schools, parents and our educators.